Without our donors, we would simply be a dream.

Businesses and individuals alike have supported us since our beginning 2004 to bring us closer to our vision of providing a scholarship to every eligible Centerville senior who applies.  We can't thank you enough, and we hope that you will continue to give the gift of education in years to come.

The following is a list of our generous donors for 2011:

Business Donors:

Animal Hospital of Richmond, Inc.

David A. Brown Appraisal Service

The Enchanted Sleigh

First Bank Richmond

Horning Roofing & Sheet Metal Company, LLC

MainSource Bank

Michael D. Miller Insurance Agency

NATCO Credit Union

Scholarship America

Stults Family Dentistry

Teller's Restoration Center

United Way of Whitewater Valley, Inc.

Wayne County Foundation


Individual Donors:

 Stephen and Barbara Abernathy 

Linda Albright    

Jessica Anderson             

Kathleen Anderson          

Nick and Maralee Aughe

Teresa Barker    

Mark and Kathleen Barnhizer       

Bennett Bauer and Amy Wolf       

Phillip and Rachel Baumer            

Rhett and Keena Baumer              

Phil and Toni Benedict    

Kathy Boczko     

Richard and Janice Bohlander      

Sheldon Botsford             

Dennis Brack      

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Brown          

Thomas and Judith Bryant            

Brenda Campbell             

Dale  Canter       

Julia Charleton  

Ryan Chiddester

CHS Class of 1960            

CHS Class of 1961            

Carl and Jane Conti         

Phil and Ellie Corwin       

Debbie Cox        

Edna Cox            

Jeraldine Craig  

Tracey   Crull      

Mike Day            

Dr. Vicki DeMao

David and Mary Alice Devor         

John and Jessica Dickman             

Tom and Lou Dickman    

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Dickman           

Ralph and Teresa Downs              

Linda Duke         

Kelly Dungan      

Thomas and Judith Dunham         

Tim and Kim Eadler         

Shirley Eikenberry            

Karl and Sandy Elsrod     

Lindsey  Elsrod   

Ray and Jeannine Ferriell              

Ruth Ann Fields 

Chip and Marcia Foster  

Carol Gable        

Doug and Barb Gaddis    

Kim Goble           

John and Sandy Gulde     

Tom and Kelly Hale         

Duane and Sharon Hamilton        

C. Martin Hanneman, DDS            

Dana and Joetta Harris   

Teresa   Harris

James and Barbara Haskins          

Valerie   Healton              

Hilda Herold       

Charles and Marilyn Hobbs           

Valerie Sue Hood             

Julie Horn           

Dr. and Mrs. E. Paul Howanitz     

James and Marjorie Howell          

Michael Howell 

Sheila Iverson    

Jeannette Rodefeld Fund              

Richard Jeffers  

Kimberly Jenkins              

Denny and Karen Jones  

Angela Karch     

Bruce Kehoe      

Jeff and Hannah Kemp   

Steve and Mary  Kennedy              

Mary Kay Kidwell             

Rose Kuster        

Dawn Lainhart   

Terry and Dawn Lainhart              

Bill Lewis            

John and Jane Liming      

Paul and Pat Lingle          

Barbara Jane Lucas         

Jane Lumpkin     

Jan Markley       

Kenny Marshall 

Roger Martin     

Saundra Sue Mathews    

Ken and Sally McCaslin   

Tim and Wanda  McConaha         

Mike McCoy      

Robert McLear  

Michelle Alexander Memorial Golf Tournament   

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W.   Mille     

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Miller, Jr.     

Michelle Moore

Greg and Tamara Mounsey          

Mike and Pam Necessary              

Shelley  Newman             

Jennifer Oaks     

Kerry and Monica O'Brien             

Jon and Connie Odom    

Cheryl Oesterling             

Susie O'Maley    

Lynne O'Neal     

Micheal and Julie Owens              

Lewis and Pat Palmer     

Robert and Carol Patterson         

David Peine        

Jeff and Jill Pentecost     

Shirley Pipenger

Larry Pipenger   

Jim Ramey          

John Ramey       

Bob and Michelle Ramsey            

Kathy Ray           

Beth Reagan      

Alva and Janice  Richardson         

Bruce and Linda Robbins

Tom and Susan   Rohe     

Michael and Dana Sanders           

Edward and Denise Scalzo            

Rick and Beth Schauss    

Jason Searcy      

Jody Shanks-Stewart       

Patti Sharp         

David and Shara Short    

Kevin and Elizabeth Smith             

Robert Spears    

P. Allan and Sonia Spencer           

Rudy and Pam Sperling   

Sue  Spraker Morse         

Karen Staats      

Cathy  Stainbrook            

Dale and Kim Stamper    

Phil and Cathy Stevenson              

Mary Stevenson

Susanne and Terry Stover             

Tyna Stover        

Dale and Christine Temple            

Betty Thalls        

Ted and Karen Thiede     

Christy Tollett    

Rudy and Linda Toschlog              

Judy Toschlog    

Trey Kidwell Memorial Golf Tournament 

Jason and Heather Troutwine      

Ralph and Linda Turner  

Russ and Virginia Turner

Frederic and Sheila Vanbastelaer

Kelly Vanwinkle 

Wanda Vernon  

Angela Walker   

Heather Wampole           

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Waters         

Darlene Wendeln             

Beryl and Phyllis Wesler 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Westover   

Paul and Barbara Widau

Don and Ruth Widau       

Mark and Carolyn Wright